10 Living Room Dates: for the snow bound couples.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, some of you may be snow-bound (like us), on a budget, or want to keep things low key- yet special. J and I are always looking for new things to do for date night, that feel exciting and fresh- even when it’s too cold to explore. Here is our February list:



  1. Learn Salsa dancing

    • J and I have not done this (yet), but it is on our bucket list for 2017! While I would definitely consider J the “romantic” in our relationship, I have always thought this would be such a romantic date (not to mention a fun skill to build upon.)
  2. Creative Night and Take out!

    • I am always looking for a night to catch up on my crafting, a DIY project, take a picture, or write a post. Since we like to do these things together, it is nice to share this on a “date night.” Here is a link to our Twice Dutch Pinterest DIY BOARD . I hope to make it through these in 2017.livingroomdatespost-32
  3. Chopped Date

    • We love anything cooking channel and Chopped is a favorite! We love the idea of using unusual ingredients and racing to figure out new recipes. (OK- I love the unusual ingredients parts, J loves the competition part, together it’s a fun date.)
    • RULES: Give each other a list of three ingredients- and the use of the kitchen for a given time limit. Fill in the rest of the recipe with anything in the kitchen, you just have to use the 3 given ingredients somewhere in the dish. So fun.
  4. Tag Team DJ

    • Share your favorite music with each other.
    • Guess who artist, title of song, genre…etc
    • Jason loves to look up the lyrics and “find the deeper meanings” (we listen to a lot of alternative music, haha.)
    • Play childhood favorites
    • Sing along with them
    • Find overlapping favorites
    • Bust a move!livingroomdatespost-28livingroomdatespost-27livingroomdatespost-26livingroomdatespost-23livingroomdatespost-22
  5. Popsicle stick/ rubberband war

    • When I was in elementary school, my brothers and I would make these popsicle stick-bomb-structures, and we would set up on different sides of the room. When ready, we were allotted a certain amount of rubber bands, and the war would commence.
    • GOAL: take down the enemy structures, the team with the most structures standing when the rubber bands run out, wins! It is a game that will fill your living room with uncontrollable laughter. link to build. 
  6. Wine and Design

    • I came home one day to a watercolor painting on the dining room table, “Did you get my picture?” Asked J, with that boyish twinkle in his eye that I love so much.
      “The watercolor of the orange circle?” I asked.
      “It’s a pumpkin! I’m still working on it…” he replied
    • I tell that story because I’m typically thought of as the “creative one” in our relationship. I’m the theatre artist, music teacher, harpist…etc. BUT J will surprise me every day! He writes, plays piano, sings, PAINTS! Sure, we could pay to paint a bridge or something while drinking wine with strangers….OR we could do it ourselves, in our living room at our own Wine and Design IN. 

  7. Yoga

    • J and I have very different “exercise routines” (i.e. he actually works out, and I think about how much I want to work out!) BUT I love doing YOGA and so does J! So this is a super fun date night. ALSO kick off your “31-day revolution” with a date- and write down some goals together, connect with each other on multiple levels. Adrienne is a *free* yoga instructor, GREAT, funny, and challenging.
  8. Good old fashioned game night

    1. We love games, but it’s hard to find fun games for 2 players! I have compiled a list of our favorites:
  9. Donuts, Coffee & Crosswords

    • Who says your date has to be at night? Saturday mornings are great for together-time. It was -30 this weekend, we bundled up, drove to the Donut Shoppe picked up some donuts, brought then back to our living room, and had a date morning. Crosswords, laughter, coffee, and sweets- you can’t beat that start to a weekend!livingroomdatespost-90
  10. Netflix Originals Marathons!

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