Beauty in its Rawest Form

With the spring comes the sun.

With the sun comes the warm days.

With warm days comes the icy rivers of melted snow.

With the rivers come the rain boots.

With the boots come the outdoors.

With the outdoors come the shorter nights.

And with the shorter nights one must catch their last few weeks of Aurora B.

This time of year you might think,  “no more Aurora Borealis,” but quite the opposite has been our experience. On a clear night, those lights leap across the sky like a troupe of elegant modern dancers.

The first time I saw those dancing lights in the night’s sky, I thought to myself-

This is beauty. Truly. In its rawest form. Untouched. Unchanged. Untamed. 

Every time is different, unique, beautiful, and tells a colorful -vibrant- story.

And if you watch long enough, you can almost hear the music that the colors and movement play in tandem with nature as they twirl, sway, and swirl across, around, and through each other.

So often I feel like we, as humans, take naturally beautiful things and change them, tame them, and the rawness of what makes them beautiful is lost. We apply our own “standards of beautiful” and that lovely thing is then changed into something it was perhaps never meant to be.

I have been wrestling with this idea a lot lately, as an artist and as a woman.

First- as an artist, my job is to create, and so often I draw from beautiful things. But- when do I leave things as they are, like Aurora- put down the camera and capture the moment in my heart, mind and soul- and then later write a play about adventuring into the sky!

Second- as a woman, I feel as if I so often look on IG and compare myself to a certain “standard” of beauty when in reality- I have a partner who tells me every day I am beautiful.

Is the makeup and the internet “beauty in the rawest form,” or is it the moments when Jason and I cook together and laugh about burning the tofu?

Thank you, dear Aurora, for showing me such beauty and for giving me such a stirring in my soul.

I would love to hear your thoughts.



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Him and Her. Life and Narrative. Married, partnered, friends. Simple and sweet. The ups and downs together. Be kind, be caring, be loving. A theatre artist and a military officer. Living in Georgia, often long distance. We explore, we write, we share. We love to travel, eat, listen to music, try new things, be present each day, and live a minimal lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “Beauty in its Rawest Form

  1. i have not experienced the aurora b, but I can only imagine how it impacts you when you see it. When nature shows us something amazing we don’t ever forget and it can be life changing.


    1. I imagined it to be beautiful, then I saw it- and it blew my mind. I hope you get to see it one day too! It’s gorgeous in AK, but I hear it’s also really beautiful in Iceland! I would like to take a trip there one day too.

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