Everyone focuses on the end, what about the beginning?

Exploration. Adventure. Pursuit. In search of the new, unclaimed and excited.

Is to explore always to discover? Can we not simply relish the stillness, take in the varying tempos, absorb the colors, observe the rhythms, and cherish the beauty that surrounds us? An explorer will seek new worlds and grand adventures, but no two adventures look the same.

A few weeks ago my brother-in-law got married. The same week my newest niece was born. Two explorations, two unexplored territories, two great adventures.

The grandeur of the wedding juxtaposed with the simple intimate moments in my brother’s kitchen holding tiny newborn Lucy, emphasised not only the contrast in these adventures but the sameness in the overarching emotion: joy abounding.

The theme that seems to frequent my soul this year.

I was filled by the moments, and hope to constantly find more of them.

Have you been exploring? Where did you go, and what did you look for, what did you find?

Most of the pictures I took from the wedding were my attempt at “relishing the stillness” “taking in the varying tempos”…and then some goofy family pics 🙂

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the baby, I was too busy holding her!

wedding 10
wedding rehearsal
wedding 6
rehearsal dinner
wedding 7
rehearsal dinner
wedding 8
rehearsal dinner


wedding 9
rehearsal dinner
wedding 5
The chapel was decorated so beautifully

Reception fun:

wedding 1

wedding 13
family at the wedding reception
wedding 12
family at the wedding reception
wedding 11
family at the wedding reception
wedding 14
Jason and his sister
wedding 17
Our prom pictures
wedding 20
Jason and his cousin
wedding 21
Jason and his sister and cousin
wedding 24
My cousin and sister (in laws)
wedding 25 keep
the whole gang!


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