Chop it, Trim it, Charlie Brown.

This year J wanted to cut down our tree. There is something romantically sentimental about chopping down your own Christmas tree… theory. Perhaps in some states, that idea carries through from forest to living room and you end up with a full, vibrant fern. But in the northern Alaskan hills- the picture isn’t painted quite so clean.

IMG_3128Our trees are all so tall and slender, and laden with snow- truly stunning. But, once you shake off all that snow, you see that the wind has blown off the branches on one side and left you with a lop-sided Charlie-brown tree.

The experience of chopping down our tree in the crisp -14 mountain air, was absolutely worth it and made our tiny branchy tree “romantically sentimental” in its own way.


Jason says “yeah- we will probably never do that again.”
That is true.
But we both would say “try it out once, the experience was worth it!”

And that is how we have chosen to embrace “minimalism” in our marriage.
Yes, we try to buy less, but mostly we try to experience more.

J and his sister Joy after they chopped down the tree!
Jason’s Mom pointing out the PERFECT tree for us to cut down.



Happy Tree decorating!

Refer to our Ugly Sweater Post from last year for a great family photo idea!

(more pictures from this experience on our instagram. @twicedutch)

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