DIY boho embroidered throw pillow

I have several throw pillow projects going for our living room right now. I have been enjoying working with yarns (knotting and embroidering) to add texture to our living spaces.

This pillow is a linen 20×20 case I bought from IKEA in a sage green color. (In these pictures I actually have an 18×18 pillow filler inside, because that is what we had available.)


Materials needed:

pillow case (Ikea, walmart, hobby lobby, or make your own)
sharp scissors
embroidery hoop (I have an 18″)
big needle (size 22-24)
yarn (in choice color) ON SALE now.
disappearing ink fabric marker

How To:

  1. Lay the pillowcase out on a flat surface and use your fabric marker to sketch out a pattern. (See my “pillows” pinterest page for pillow pattern inspiration.)
  2. Once the pattern is sketched out, place the embroidery hoop around a section to start.
    green pillow 5
  3. Thread the needle, tie a knot on one end, and start from the inside of the pillowcase. Now, I did several different size stitches to change up the texture throughout the whole pillow 6
  4. I added some circles that added a wonderful texture. This was achieved by simple going around the circle with the stitched, each time returning to the center hole. (the same technique was applied to the pillow 4
  5. When completed, remove the hoop, add your filler and zip back up! (The zipper is one reason why the IKEA pillows are so great! Easy to wash and change out.)

green pillow 3

green pillow 3-2

green pillow 7

Green pillow 1

This throw took me about 2 hours, (I did it while I was watching a movie with J.)



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