travel diary: Atlanta Braves

September, 2018

Dear diary,

Today we went to see the Atlanta Braves play.


It’s funny, my strongest and most powerful memory of baseball comes from my Grandmom. She was a huge Phillies fan, in fact I  distinctly remember her sitting in her kitchen acutely listening to the game on the radio. When that game was playing, all focus fell to the announcer on the other side of her handheld radio or little box TV.

Baseball is slow, but it is so nostalgic. When you think of going to a baseball stadium, what comes to mind? FOOD (hotdogs, beer, pretzels, popcorn,) cheering fans, family, friends, summertime, and baseball hats.

The smells of hot food is so affecting. 

My Grandmom never went to games, but she was a true Phillies fan. Never missing a game, and always cheering on their success.

Going to a Braves game was on our “things to do” bucket-list while in GA. Not because we are Braves fans,  simply because it seemed like an experience we needed to have.


I can safely say, it was a FUN day. Even with the extreme heat (which is EXTRA in Ga.) AND despite the fact that they lost the game, it was a blast to be apart of the community of that stadium. It felt like summer.

So- if you think about visiting Atlanta next summer, stop in the Braves stadium, worth it.




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Him and Her. Life and Narrative. Married, partnered, friends. Simple and sweet. The ups and downs together. Be kind, be caring, be loving. A theatre artist and a military officer. Living in Georgia, often long distance. We explore, we write, we share. We love to travel, eat, listen to music, try new things, be present each day, and live a minimal lifestyle.

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