Moving again, my pre-packing list

As you all may know, we are moving again in November.

I have moved at least 10 times in my life. Some major moves (NC-AK) and some were just down the street! I have lived in 5 states, and in some of those states, I lived in various towns. I feel like that is pretty average for a 30 year old, but maybe I’m wrong!

New places excite me, and I always look forward to settling in, finding my coffee shop, getting a library card, discovering our diner.

That being said, the month before and after each move are my LEAST favorite months always.

But- moving is inevitable for us, so I have come up with a few things that I always do.


Downtown Columbus, GA
Our home for just 5 months.

Pre-move packing list:

Starting 1 month prior to expected move date.

  1. Go thru the closet: purge anything that doesn’t fit, is out of style, worn out, or just unworn.
  2. Go thru dresser drawers: purge (INCLUDING unmatched socks!)
  3. Go thru shoes: purge
  4. Go thru all bathroom : consolidate, and purge (including drawers)
  5. Go thru medicines: purge expired.
  6. Go thru any hallway closets: purge what is unused.
  7. Go thru pantry : remove all expired items, consolidate items, and finish all liquids (oils, vinegars, sauces etc.)
  8. Eat what is in the freezer
  9. Make a list of everything edible in your kitchen and work meals around what’s already in the house, to avoid throwing any food out on move date.
  10. Return all library books!
  11. Return anything that was borrowed from friends.
  12. Purge all papers, magazines, and mail.
  13. Change address, and set up forwarding.
  14. Try out all pens, markers, highlighters, etc. throw away anything that is dried up.
  15. Empty junk drawer
  16. Empty bedside tables! (too much accumulates in there)
  17. Throw away any makeup that is unused or expired.
  18. Finish all “half-completed” projects, and consolidate supplies.
  19. Clean out car, vacuum, wash, remove all trash.
  20. Make piles of “like items”, everything that goes on walls, remove and place in organized piles (or boxes) (we always have movers with the Military, so piles are great for us.)
  21. Wash sheets and towels before packing.
  22. Shake out or vacuum all rugs.
  23. Box up all liquids (essential oils, shampoo, conditioner, cleaning supplies, etc)
  24. Prep plants to move, give away, or sell to neighbors.
  25. Put in car:
    1. sleeping bags,
    2. pillows,
    3. air mattress,
    4. small bag of clothes & toiletries,
    5. computer,
    6. 1 pan, spatula, and 2 dinnerware sets,
    7. phone chargers,
    8. toilet paper,
    9. shower curtain,
    10. ibuprofen, ice pack (headache essentials)
    11. internet router,
    12. portable speaker,
    13. coffee maker,
    14. a couple hangers,
    15. anything else needed to carry you thru the “unpacking” process. (sometimes it takes us a month to get our stuff in our new place. Once it was 5 months!)
  26. Wash/dust down all dishes and begin using paper/plasticware.
  27. Take down curtain rods and TAPE THE HARDWARE TO THE POLE.
  28. Scrub bathroom
  29. Scrub kitchen (microwave & fridge and all your appliances)
  30. Vacuum and sweep house
  31. Remove all nails from walls
  32. Final visual sweep of home

Hope it helps someone out there!


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Him and Her. Life and Narrative. Married, partnered, friends. Simple and sweet. The ups and downs together. Be kind, be caring, be loving. A theatre artist and a military officer. Living in Lexington Kentucky, often long distance. We explore, we write, we share. We love to travel, eat, listen to music, try new things, be present each day, and live a minimal lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Moving again, my pre-packing list

  1. This is an efficient list. I’m not moving,but I could use it to simplify my very complicated life. “Purge” might become my new mantra.


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