Thanksgiving table game! Forehead detective.

Last year for Thanksgiving, we played the forehead detective game, and it was such a laugh.

Sometimes I get frustrated playing this game (i.e. if I am the last to figure my name out,) but that is because I don’t like losing. haha.

This game can be played many ways, but ultimately the goal remains the same: guess the name on your forehead.


How to play:

  1. Pass around sticky notes and pens to each person at the table (great to play while you are winding down the eating, but have a few stragglers.)
  2. Each person writes the name of a famous person (fictional or real) on their paper, and places it on the forehead of the person to their left.
  3. Going around in a circle (starting with the youngest) you get ONE question (yes/no) directed at the person who wrote your name. Slowly you figure out what name is on your head.
  4. Winner is the first person to figure out their name.

Hint: Try to split up couples- b/c they tend to do better with each other.


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