Migraines Part 2: Pregnancy

My previous post had info on migraines, tips and tricks for when you are able to take meds, and some homeopathic options.

As many of you know, I’m pregnant (40 weeks!) and it has been a very difficult pregnancy. Complete with 35 weeks of morning sickness, fatigue, insomnia, restless leg, and migraines. The migraines are the worst, because I couldn’t take any of my meds.

This is the regimen I came up with, through working with a neurologist and my OB. This brought my frequency down from about 4 migraines/week to 1-2. Mine last anywhere from 12-36 hrs (just for perspective.)

  1. 800 MG Magnesium Oxide (must be oxide, and do not exceed 1000 MG or you will get really really sick.)
  2. 400 MG riboflavin (B2)- this will turn your pee really yellow, so don’t freak out that you are super dehydrated!!
  3. 20 MG Propranolol– this is a beta blocker (link to more info) used for high blood pressure, but it can also reduce the frequency or severity of migraines. It is safe for pregnancy, and my neurologist prescribed this med.
    1. You will have to ask for this prescription, but I did notice a difference in my migraine frequency when I started taking this.
    2. My blood pressure was awesome the entire pregnancy, this was PURELY for migraine prevention.
  4. 65 MG iron– this helped with restless leg, which if you are prone to migraines- restless leg will probably happen.
  5. Pre- natal vitamin
  6. Vitamin b6– for nausea. 10-25 mg of vitamin B6 taken three or four times per day.
  7. unisom or benadryl (Take 1 to 2 tablets before bed, as directed by doctor) for sleep.

If I had a migraine I would do the following:

  1. Tylenol Extra Strength– max MG
    1. If I’m too nauseous to take pills, I will crush them up and put them in a small cup of coca-cola and drink.
  2. Ice pack on head
  3. Coca-cola (dr. said to drink the coke with the Tylenol, that the caffeine is key.)
  4. wear Sea Band bracelets – God send for vertigo, and motion sickness (which I def get with migraines AND morning sickness.)
  5. Epsom salt bath

Again, there is no cure-all, BUT it is possible to lower the frequency.


Next post on morning sickness tips and restless leg.

Hope this was helpful!

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