Pregnancy: morning sickness and restless leg tips.

Let’s talk morning sickness.

Or should I call it “all day and all night sickness”??

I told a friend of mine the other day, “I feel like I have had the flu for a year.” My morning sickness lasted 35 weeks, after week 24 it lightened up a BIT, but the rocking/nausea/vomiting lasted up until 35 weeks. And with work, it made life very uncomfortable and difficult.

My symptoms were:

  1. extreme fatigue
  2. insomnia
  3. nausea
  4. vomiting
  5. constipation
  6. constant rocking feeling
  7. migraines
  8. headaches
  9. food aversion
  10. restless leg

While it did last for the whole time, I found these things to be useful:

    1. 2 benadryl every night or
    2. 1 unison
    3. 800 MG Magnesium oxide
    1. EAT- when your body tells you it wants to throw up, eat something. It goes against all things natural, but is completely necessary. I just had crackers and fig bars on hand at all times.
    2. Sea bands
    3. Vitamin B6
    4. morning wellness tea
    5. preggo pops
    6. morning ease ginger lozenges
    7. Ginger Mint lip balm– THIS ONE IS THE BEST!!!!
    1. Iron
    2. Riboflaven
    3. Magnesium oxide (this help with migraines, constipation, and restless leg.)
    4. ice packs on my legs
    5. pillow between ankles so they aren’t touching
    6. stay hydrated throughout day
    7. exercise
      1. intentional walk
      2. yoga
      3. cycling
      4. swimming (I didn’t do much of this, but I have heard it’s a great reliever.)
      5. Stay away from vigorous exercise before bed, it can make it worse. 
    8. Stretches
      1. 50 calf raises before bed (sometimes I do 200-400 throughout the night.)
      2. 100 squats before bed
      3. calf stretch
      4. front thigh stretch
      5. hip flexer stretch (this one is awesome!)
        1. CHECK OUT THIS LINK for in depth stretches with pictures.
  4. See this post for migraine/headache help



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