Maternity capsule wardrobe

I have never been good at the capsule wardrobe (though it is one of my goals for next year.) But, during pregnancy I was able to curate a usable capsule that I thought I would share with whoever is looking.

I think it is really easy to get sucked into “cute bump dresses” or “jumpsuits,” and there is nothing wrong with that, BUT I found a few key pieces helped me to maintain a lounge and work set that made it through all the seasons.

maternity capsule-2

  1. Capri over-the-bump leggings (grey and black) GOOD FOR SUMMER.
  2. Ankle length over the bump leggings (grey and navy)
  3. 2 pairs of jeans
    1. under-the bump side panel Motherhood maternity jeans 
    2. under- the bump side panel Old Navy Jeans, I got a size 4 which was my pre-pregnancy size. (look for sales for these, ON has sales ALL the time.)
  4. biker shorts ( I LIVED in these during the summer/fall, paired with an oversized button up or tee shirt, plus they are SOOOOO SOFT.)
  5. Black pants, these are not the exact pair that I own but are very similar, and I wore them 2-3 days a week for teaching.
  6. 2 blouses and 1-2 oversized button ups
    1. check clearance at Marshalls, Target, or TJMax if you don’t already own over-sized items.
    2. check Goodwill Men’s section
  7. 2 tee-shirts
  8. 2 sweaters
    1. THIS old navy sweater, I sized up on this, but post-pregnancy it will have a nice over-sized look
  9. 2 maternity tank tops (black and white or grey)
    1. These are great, and are long so I can wear them under anything.
  10. 2 nursing tanks (black) – for postpartum.
  11. 1 kimono (summer) / 1 cardigan (fall/winter)
    1. I bought a kimono from Marshalls that I was able to wear to church, teach, or date nights. It was an “extra” thing, but they are versatile for summer/fall/winter.
  12. 2-3 sweat pants/joggers – these will last after pregnancy because they rest UNDER belly.
    1. a black pair of joggers that I could dress up for work
    2. (previously owned) this grey pair from Target
    3. these are my FAVORITE and I wear them every night pretty much.
  13. 1-2 bodycon dresses
    1. black– wore to church a lot, with different cardigans or my kimono. I ordered this dress in a medium and it fit all the way through (lots of stretch.)
    2. color– wore to baby showers or special events, I ordered a large and WISHED I had ordered a medium.
  14. 1-2 pairs of shorts
    1. This pair I wore all summer
    2. (previously owned) This pair was great for working out, non-maternity but has a stretchy band.
  15. Belly Band– helps to keep pants up, I found this on clearance at target for $10.
  16. Maternity bathing suit, I order this in a large and wore it all summer long to the pool.
  17. Nursing Bras- make sure that you get bras that do not have an under wire, and do NOT have removable pads.
    1. These for sleep
    2. These for day – make sure to get 2 sizes bigger than your normal size, because once milk comes in, you will need the room.
  18. rubber wedding ring, (my hand swelled up at 34 weeks and I couldn’t fit my rings anymore!)

I bought a few pieces that I wore A LOT, and I used my over-sized pieces from my pre-maternity wardrobe as much as possible.

My advice: stick to neutral colors, staple pieces, and make sure everything can be mixed and matched. WEAR WHAT YOU ALREADY OWN. I have several over-sized dresses and tops, so I didn’t have to buy any of that.

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